Blogging For Newbies – 7 Types Of Blogs

So you’re thinking of starting a blog? The first thing you think about is obviously, what you are going to write about. It sometimes gets confusing for a newbie to decide what to write about. Well, look no further, because here are some ideas to help you!

There are several types of blogs out there, let’s check out some of them:

1.     The diary/personal blog: In this type of blog, you write about yourself and your life. Mainly as a platform to let out your thoughts, and to express your opinions. You can post anytime you feel like, or not. Generating traffic is not the primary aim of such blogs and is mostly used to write whatever in the world you feel like writing, no limitations whatsoever. 🙂 That’s what makes it truly interesting to read and hence, it is widely popular in the blogosphere!

2.     The informative/tips blog: If there are some tips and tricks about a particular topic that you know and you want to share it with the world, choose an informative blog. Make sure that you know your stuff pretty well, because that will determine the quality of your blog. For example, if you know Photoshop then you can write tutorials articles, if you can play the guitar then you can post video lessons and so on!

3.     The travel/experience blog: If you travel a lot, a travel blog is the best option for you. Give your readers a glimpse of the places you recently visited through videos and pictures. Write posts on your experiences in that city or country. Such blogs make for great content!

4.     Food blogs: If you’re a budding master chef, you can start a blog consisting of your own recipes! You can write about kitchen tips, how tos, and so much more. The culinary world is endless!

5.     Inspirational blogs: If you love to inspire and you’d like to share your ideas and experiences to help other people find happiness – an inspirational blog is the best for you. Remember, inspiration is everywhere, you just have to see it. 🙂

6.     Celebrity dedicated/fashion blog: Are you a die-hard fan of a celebrity? Or are you a part of a fandom? Celebrity dedicated blogs might be just the type of blog for you! (I have a celebrity/movies dedicated blog too) Such blogs become popular too. Also, you like fashion? Great! Go ahead and share your fashion tips and exclusive stuff on your fashion blog!

7.     Review blogs: Your choice – do you want to review the latest gadgets, the latest apps or the latest movies? A review blog can make for great content and can help you gain loyal readership.

 There are many other types of blogs as well, just look around and you’ll just find what you’re searching for.

Ask yourself a few questions before taking the plunge:

  • Do you know a lot about the niche?
  • Can you constantly keep generating content on it?
  • Are you blogging just for fun or do you have long term goals in mind?
  • Do you want to make yourself known in the blogging world and increase your connections?
  • Do you really LOVE what you’re planning to write about?

Out of the above questions, the last one is the most important. If you love what you do, it will show in your blog posts too 🙂 Go ahead and start your blogging journey! Happy blogging!

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