10 Examples Of Creative Facebook Fan Pages

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that – almost everyone is on Facebook. We have our friends, friends of friends, ex-friends, acquaintances, colleagues and – brands. With such a huge market out there, brands try to make the best out of it by promoting their products through facebook fan pages.

If you have a facebook fan page you’ll agree when I say that you want people to LIKE your page. Almost all major brands are on facebook and they want you to like them too. After looking into the fan pages of many such brands, I found that they make great use of designs to show off the uniqueness and USP of their product. Here are some of the creative and eye catching Facebook Fan page designs of brands which will encourage people to ‘like’ them!

1. Coca Cola

2. Honda

3. HP

4. Intel

5. KFC

6. Pizza Hut

7. Pringles

8. Red Bull

9. Oreo

10. Starbucks

If you have your favorites which haven’t been included here, share with us in the comments!

image 1 credit basketman / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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