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5 Amazing Ideas To Make Your Instagram Stand Out

Instagram is the perfect visual journal to share your life in pictures and also get to know what everyone else is up to. It has paved the way for the careers for models, photographers, artists, musicians and comedians. Although, a lot of the content is carefully created and edited, it’s still good content. If you’ve got a great profile picture and a killer bio ready, what is the next step? How can you make your Instagram account stand out from the crowd? Here’s what I think.

1. Keep a theme

Themes are a great way to make your Instagram account look eye-catching. If you can create your own theme, even better! For example, Singapore-based YouTubers Night Owl Cinematics made their Instagram feed look like one huge picture collage. Every picture seamlessly connected with another, which took a lot of effort but looked amazing. If you don’t have the editing skills for it, don’t worry. You can try other theme ideas where all your photos can be grey, sepia, white, warm toned or desaturated. Cropped a certain way or not cropped at all – go with whatever you like, and stick to it. Keep it consistent and watch as your feed turns into an aesthetically pleasing visual masterpiece. Uniformity is a must.

Instagram Stand out ideas
Instagram: @nightowlcinematics

2. Start a series/project

Start a photography challenge where you only click and post pictures based on a certain topic. You can go the ‘Humans of New York’ route and post photos of strangers you meet everyday or get creative with self-portraits or even take high quality photos of your pets! One great example of such a photo series is the #followmeto project. This had a great combination of creativity, superb locations, quality images and hence, it became wildly popular online. This shows that an interesting concept of photos can even make you go viral!

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3. Keep up with trending hashtags

Adding relevant hashtags makes your content easily searchable. You can find and follow people who have similar interests with the help of tags and widen your network in your specific niche. If you have used popular hashtags which describe your image well, influencers can also find you easily and share your content to a bigger audience.

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4. Post creative videos

Instagram isn’t just about images. Videos have become largely popular on the app because of their replay value. Create video content which is funny, interesting, engaging and creative. An eye-catching thumbnail will grab attention but good content will make them come back to your profile for more.
Instagram camera photos

5. Be regular

Posting regularly helps you to be ‘seen’ by people. Posting a few images and not updating your account for weeks isn’t the way to go if you wish to stand out. Consistency is key. Think of beautiful content to post daily and be regular with it.

Final thoughts

Instagram is a wonderful platform to share your creative ideas, compose beautiful pictures and capture candid moments. If you follow all the points mentioned above, your Instagram account will surely look amazing. If you have more suggestions, please comment below!

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