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6 Effective Ways For Businesses To Stand Out On Twitter

Twitter is a huge platform, especially for brands and businesses to stand out. Although initially twitter started off as a microblogging site to share your thoughts and interact with other users, soon businesses recognised its potential and started using it to grow their online presence. If your brand does not have an active Twitter account, it is time you begin. Twitter has immensely grown the popularity of a lot of brands and that’s saying something about the power of social media in general.

Why is twitter important for businesses?

Twitter provides instant reach straight to your audience. According to, as of the third quarter of 2016, Twitter had 317 million active users which is a big market to miss out on. You can build your brand’s image and increase its exposure on social media with careful planning and strategy.

The role of the ‘Social Media Manager’ is important when it comes to online marketing, especially in this digital age. But how exactly should you handle your brand’s twitter account? Is it any different from your personal twitter account? Here are 6 useful tips to help you manage the twitter account of your business.

Think before you tweet.

On your business twitter profile, you really have to think before you tweet. Your online presence is how the audience views your brand. An awful online presence gives off the feeling that the product that they offer is also bad, along with unlikeable customer service. This is not your personal account, so do not take things lightly here. One mistake can cost you your job.

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Engage. A lot.

It’s necessary to keep a healthy balance of promotional content and engagement. Create the online persona of your business by engaging with your target audience frequently. Use ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ because your company isn’t one person, it’s a team. The use of ‘we’ in replies such as ‘Let us know if we can help you any further!’ also let’s the user know that the company as a whole cares about their experience with the product.

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Share quality content.

How does one stand out on twitter? Two things – tweet quality content and don’t be boring. There are many brands and businesses who tweet dull, generic content which barely makes the reader take notice and hence gets ignored. Some brands get it right – twitter accounts of Taco Bell and Starbucks are interesting to look at. You will only be able to stand out from the crowd and overtake stiff competition by being original, creative and genuine.

Be funny.

This is an essential addition to the previous point. You don’t have to be a robot who always gives the same bland responses every single time. Some businesses are known to have quirky and out of the box replies which attracts a lot of retweets and reactions. There have also been funny exchanges between rival companies which turned out to be beneficial to both of them in terms of media coverage. There’s a certain risk involved in this though, so make sure you think it through before going ahead with it.

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Schedule tweets.

As the social media manager of your company’s account, it’s obvious that you cannot be active online round the clock to cater to audiences of different timezones. To solve this problem, you can schedule some good quality content consistently so that your business account stays active. This will generate responses even when you’re not actually at work and subsequently help your brand to get a much wider reach than just live tweeting. Buffer is a good tool for this purpose. 

Create #chats

According to your target consumer market, you can create a hashtag for a ‘#chat’ (like, #viralchat, #contentchat) and invite people to join in. For example, a children’s website can start a conversation with all the parents of Twitter and talk about parenting issues. You can ask questions and your followers will pitch in with their ideas, thoughts and comments. All of this makes for a great interactive session and will help your brand get noticed even further.

If you’re getting started with a job related to social media management or online customer service, it’s important to remember the above points and do a complete study of your brand’s needs, targets, and plan your strategy accordingly. If you have some more ideas about managing a business twitter account, do share them in the comments below!

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