20 Ideas To Write Catchy Blog Titles

Log into twitter and you’ll find tons of tweets. Even thousands, depending on the number of people you are following. Of course, it is humanly impossible to read every tweet. There are conversational tweets, noise tweets and links. We just skim through all the tweets. If the headline or the title seems interesting, we go ahead and click on the link and read the post.

Now, if your headline/title is not interesting enough, people wouldn’t click on it no matter how interesting and well written your actual post is. When people read your headline, you can expect two kinds of responses:

Oh wow, sounds interesting. I want to know more.


Ah, boring.

If the first response is what you want from a reader, catchy headlines are a must! Not too long, not too short. SEO experts say that not more than 7-8 words and not less than 4 words should be used.  Google shows up to 69 characters for blog headline length.

Let’s take an example:

 “Twitter Abbreviations: Do You Know Them All?”


“Twitter Abbreviations – ReTweet (RT), Direct Message (DM), TT (Trending Topics) and more!”

Obviously, the second one is too long. The first title makes you curious. “Do I know all the abbreviations? Let me check this post out.” That’s the difference.

But make sure not to mislead the reader just to grab attention. I read one post which had a completely different headline and when I saw the post, the first line actually said, “Sorry for the unrelated title, just wanted to catch your attention, but hey – I was successful, right?” No, no, no.

What you should do is – give the potential reader an idea of what the post is about and how it will help them, through the headline. Basically, pull the reader towards your post.

And for me, list posts always work. List posts make it easier for the reader to read and understand the points instead of just writing in paragraphs.

So, here are 20 title ideas which always compel me to click on the post link. Let’s take a list of 8 things as an example.


1.  8  Unique Ways To______.


2. 8  Sure-Fire Ways To _______.


3. 8 Quick Tips To ________.


4. 8  Things You Might Not Know About ______.


5. 8  Must Have Traits Of A _______.


6. Why I Chose To ______.


7. 8 Useful Tools For ______.


8. 8 Reasons Why _______ Is Like _______.


9. 8 Little-Known Secrets/Shocking Facts About _______. *OR* 8 Secrets About ________ Revealed.


10. How I Do _______ Differently.


11. Top 8 Benefits Of ______.


12. 8 Things I Learned From ________. *OR* 8 Things You Can Learn From _______.


13. Ask A Question: Can You Imagine Life Without _______?


14. Add an Exclamation: Mom, Somebody Stole My Tweets!


15. The 8 Types Of  _______.


16. How I Went From ______ To ______In ______ Days/Months/Years.


17. A To Z Of _______.


18. How To Easily Reach ________.


19. How Not To Be A ________.


20. 8 Myths About ________.


I like to write apt titles after I finish writing the post, but I do keep a working title in mind before writing the article as well.

Hope you found these ideas useful and interesting! If you feel that I have missed out some important points, please do let me know through the comments! 🙂

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    • Hi Mani,
      Like I mentioned in the post, some people mislead the visitor with an unrelated headline – which is wrong (as you said, being honest is important). Thanks for your comment!

  1. Wow, super awesome tips;) headlines are extremely important, just like first impression and GIRL! you got mine;) will be sure to use some of the tips.
    Btw, I just liked you on FB;). Come say hi on my blog sometimes;)
    Tram Tran@ start young recently posted..Nuffnang Blog Awards, Here I ComeMy Profile

  2. Hey Nicki! – Pretty solid list of interesting formats on Blog Posts — but I don’t think this is a good long-term approach for titling blog posts actually. I always wondered what would happen if EVERY blogger used the above mentioned formats to write blog titles. Seth godin for example has his own format – I think that’s probably the only long term approach.

    -Dilanka 🙂
    Dilanka Wettewa recently posted..Relax Like A Pro: My Personal Experience With Sensory DeprivationMy Profile

    • Dilanka,
      I completely agree with you on that point. If every blogger used these, it would become monotonous and hence these titles wouldn’t stand out. But I’m sure bloggers can take some hints from these titles and give it their own little spin so that it becomes catchy, know what I’m sayin’? 🙂 Thanks for your great comment!

  3. Hey Nicky. above points are perfect for modern day blogging. Besides all the name has to be attractive to lead users to content.If you add seo to these then you’ll have a killer one.
    prem@choosing your blog post title recently posted..Choosing your blog post titleMy Profile

  4. Wow…some awesome idea. Thanks for sharing such idea to create catchy blog post title. Yes, this is the right thing to make a catchy title.

  5. Superb post! I knew there were reasons why I read specific articles online. As I read your post, I thought about my college papers & realized that the ones with “sexy” titles were usually well received by my professors.

  6. An amazing post shared by you, Nicky! I definitely got to learn something unique by reading this post. Being a content writer I completely agree that writing catchy titles for any blog post is very necessary.

  7. Quite an informative post, Nicky! This post is definitely going to help me draft creative and catchy blog titles for my upcoming blogs. Thank you so much for sharing these ideas with everyone.

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