Parents On Facebook: Safeguarding Or Spying? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Many of us have had that experience of being ‘friended’ by our parents on Facebook. Or some of you might be the parents who sent a request to your kids. Why do parents join Facebook? According to a study, parents join FB to ‘spy’ on their kids’ internet activities. While I’m not too sure if spying is the correct term for it. Most of the times it is just because they are being protective of their kids. Or maybe, over protective. Some of my friends have confessed to even blocking their parents so that they won’t friend them on Facebook. Some feel that, sure, parents and kids should be friends but not Facebook friends, because that’s just plain invasion of privacy. Parents usually check on their kids’ activities like FB comments, wall posts, tagged photos, video uploads etc. While some of my friends agreed to have ‘accepted’ their parents’ Friend request, they make sure to hide all their activities from them using the privacy settings.  Here’s an interesting infographic which shows us the details.

So what do you think? Parents joining Facebook: Is it for safeguarding them or just spying on them? Invasion of privacy or not? Let me know your opinions in the comments!

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Thanks to the @gupshupblog for this infographic. Check out his blog here!


  1. Well maybe you’re right Nicky! But it’s not the same case with my son. I introduced facebook to my son as he used to play games on my profile..created a profile for him. I have friended my son on Facebook not to spy on him. We have a very friendly relation rather than a ‘mom n son’ relationship. We don’t interfere in each others profiles. I’ think I’m a lucky parent to have my son as my Facebook friend 😀

    1. That’s a great thing Shilpi! I think when both – parent and kids – know where to draw the line, it becomes a good experience for both, don’t you think so? Thanks for your comment 🙂

      1. Yes of course! Spying on our kids will ruin the friendly relation. We should give necessary space and freedom to our kids as we’ve been enjoying ours. 🙂

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