How To : Deal with Twitter Fatigue

This is the fourth post in a series called “Twitter series: Your Questions Answered” where I will take up ONE question each day for a week and answer it in the form of a blog post! Hoping it will be useful for newbies on twitter 🙂 Today’s question is:

How to deal with Twitter fatigue?

I’m tired of twitter

Yes, I’ve been there too. Sometimes, twitter becomes too much to handle. It’s not like Facebook where we post once a day. Twitter is constant. Twitter is continuous. It’s actually doing the same thing [Tweet, retweet, engage, tweet, retweet, engage] over and over and over again, everyday. It can get on your nerves. How many times do you tweet in a day? I’m guessing, a lot. There comes a time when we just want to leave everything and go away from the virtual world. Sometimes, we even feel like quitting twitter. I’ve felt that a lot of times, but before you do anything out of frustration, don’t deactivate your twitter right away.

Here are a few things I did (and you should too) if/when I had a case of ‘Twitter fatigue’.

Take a break: Movies, food, music – there’s so much to explore! Don’t forget, real life is as fun as virtual life, or even more than that. Recharge, rejuvenate! Nothing beats going out for long walks on the beach, long drives, going out to click photographs of  nature or going skiing/hiking! Don’t sit in front of your laptop/iPad all day. Keep it aside for a while and enjoy what life has to offer you!

Go out in fresh air: Step out! Visit places, travel, visit your neighbor whom you haven’t been talking to lately, call friends you haven’t talked to in a while and reach out! Your online life can really affect your social life – don’t let it happen.

Meet your real life friends or Tweet up! Ask your local tweeps to meet you! It’s great fun to actually *meet* your twitter friends in real life. Attend great tweetups like the recent #140conf! 🙂 Go out and party! (Don’t drink and drive, though)

Go on a holiday: Who doesn’t like vacations? When everything gets monotonous on twitter, just leave it for a while and go to a different place – with no internet. Keep your gadgets away and just enjoy with your loved ones! Sounds fun, right? 🙂

Lastly, don’t let your virtual life take over your real life. Don’t neglect your family and friends. Give time for everything – balance it all.  And come back with a bang! Like a boss 🙂

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  1. When I feel like leaving for a while, I tweet (or Facebook) a funny little “Out of office” message so people knows I’m away. That way you don’t lose followers who thinks you’re gone for good, and your friends don’t worry 🙂

    • Oh that’s a great way to let them know about your absence. That way, they’ll know that you’re okay and will look forward to you coming back in the social circles. Well done! 😀

    • Hi Mani. How many times do you tweet in a day? From your 11,631 tweets since 24 November 2009, they are not much. This is for those extensive twitter users (like me) who tweet a lot and hence it causes a case of a “too much dependence” on twitter. It can lead to frustration and hence, boredom/fatigue. This is primarily what this post wanted to cover. Thanks for your comment!

  2. I have to say, I enjoyed Twitter up until the point where I was following over 80 people, most of whom I followed back.

    All my Twitter feed is now is a constant stream of click me click me click me click me and virtually no interaction.

    Going to have a mass unfollow session tonight. If that doesn’t give me twittertigue I don’t know what will..

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