To Block or Not to Block someone on Twitter?

If you have been on twitter long enough, you might have come across various kinds of people on twitter. Not all of them are nice. Some are weird, some insult you, some are creepy, some are dirty, and did I mention some are weird? I *know* that this is a sensitive topic. All of us might have different opinions regarding blocking someone on twitter. This post is just my opinion.

We all have a certain criteria before we decide to hit the dreaded block option. And it does hurt if you are on the receiving end of the block. I know of tweeps who block people just because they didn’t follow back or unfollowed them! I don’t agree with that. People follow and unfollow everyday, it’s not a big deal. But blocking is somewhat a big deal. It is completely removing someone from your timeline – forever. I think twice (sometimes more than that) before I decide to block a person. Here are the situations I have encountered where I have been forced to hit ‘block’~

1. Insulting tweets: When someone is insulting you, sends you hateful tweets or is being extremely rude or racist, block them. We don’t need such people in our timeline. Remember, ”Get rid of people who try to bring you down in any way

2. Blocking Spam: I believe all of us do it frequently. Spam is an annoyance and hampers our tweeting experience. If you send a single tweet mentioning “iPad”, “iPhone” or “vacation”, your mentions will be filled with multiple tweets sending you links for a “free iPhone4!!” and “Free trip to Antarctica!” Yeah, right. Block.

3. Harassment: If someone sends harassing/abusive tweets to you, or your loved ones on twitter, or to anyone for that matter – it is better to block them. Harassing someone is just wrong and needs to be dealt with seriously. Remember, twitter bullying should not be tolerated. Read this.

4. Umm, x rated… stuff: Need I say more?

5. Bots which tweet only links, trying to ‘sell’: Recently @lbruning tweeted me:

I block someone on twitter when they are trying to sell me a ‘thing’ instead of uplifting my soul, mind or humor.”

I agree. There are tons of bots on twitter who spam your mentions with every tweet linking to their sites or with suspicious looking links. I usually block and report them for spam right away.  Not all bots are spam though.

So here were some of the reasons why I block tweeps, primarily because they do not add value to my twitter experience. How about you? What makes you block someone on twitter? What is your experience with the ‘block button’? Do you agree or disagree with this post? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Good one again! I totally agree with point 1, 3 and 4. Recently had a bad experience..and Block was the only option left!

  2. Nicky~
    Hi there. I missed this when you posted it but I am glad I found it today. Your list is clear, respectful and it takes the spine to draw your line and stand on it.

    I am fairly new to this world, so basically I’m still trying to absorb as much as I can and pay attention so I can make sense of what I am learning. It’s hard taking what this great new world offers to most people and twisting it to work for us (me) too, keeping (and this is the #1 point, as far as I can tell) it clean.

    I am not talking language, although there has been a lot of talk lately about “trash talk”. F**kin’ please. ANY HOW, I digress.

    The coolest thing is yeah, mostly, it’s like right now! Real time, sharing parts of yourself with others, offers of help (genuine), pointers and even little nudges and boosts. Pay it Forward. It’s everywhere.

    I just recently, and for weeks, until I finally reached out to someone I really trust, @TheSalesLion, I had a very bad human ALL OVER my blog, trashing me and my family, our business, lifestyle, personal choices, everything! Boy! Marcus answered me like RIGHT NOW, went over to my blog, checked stuff out, came back and shot me an email that just like poofed the issue right then and there.

    You see, Nicky, what I have learned is that honesty does count, kindness does matter, here on the internet. People can disagree, not approve, whatever, that’s cool- just leave! (What, are you going to buy that book just because you happened across it?) You can even disagree and learn even more! -It doesn’t mean you have to agree!

    Then it happened. A very mean human went ballistic. I was shocked! Even hurt! I had followed the rules, even shared more than I ever had before, as open as a truck stop! I was horrified. How could I delete all those comments and block him? Where was my spine? Aren’t I the expert? Where’s my facts, proof? I did all that. I tried for weeks to.. well, I tried to make him smile. I answered all the questions he could throw out there and ya know what? It enraged him even more!

    Not looking back. That’s the only reminder you forgot, from pretty much the same advise I was given for the abuser on my blog. The last piece of advise, “Don’t Look Back”.

    Thanks for the list. (And I guess, the ear!-sorry!)

    • That was quite an experience you had there, Amber. We all strive for a positive experience on social media, and part of that is in the selection of people we follow. Thank you for reading and appreciating this post. Thanks for your comment~

  3. Nicky, this is the first time ive come across your blog, and you are fantastic!! I’d love to keep in touch with you. 🙂 Keep up your great work!<3

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