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About Me

About Me

Hello! I’m Nicky and I’m a writer from Mumbai, India. Writing has been a passion since I was little. As a child, I started off writing poems which were published in newspapers. As I got older, I kept trying to get better at my craft. I have now completed my Masters in English Literature and I’m working as a content writer and manager. I also have a degree in Animation and Visual Effects and have worked on Game of Thrones as well as a few Bollywood movies as a VFX artist.

My hobbies include painting, sketching, singing, dancing, photography and writing mini poetry. I’m also a songwriter of 200+ children’s songs, and 50+ original stories. 😀

This blog is where I share my thoughts, opinions, how-to’s,  tips & tricks about various things related to social media. Sometimes when I’m feeling especially philosophical, I also share my thoughts about life. This is a place where I can be myself and you can join me! 🙂

I am honored to be featured in the “Top 75 Badass women on Twitter” on, Top 64 Indian bloggers on and also  10 Top Twitter Tip Blogs on

Happy to be one of the youngest ones in “Female Geeks” listed on the 🙂

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Twitter – @rocksstar10
Facebook Page – TheNickyBlog

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