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30 Things You Can Do To Grow In 2017

Believe it or not we’re already in the second month of 2017. Time flies by, doesn’t it? No matter how 2016 was for you, it’s in the past. This year is a brand new year for you to do things with new vigor and energy. You’ve been given a new year to do something amazing with your life. This year, make a plan – to do the things that you really want to do. Realistically, not all of them will get completed, and that’s okay. Trying and making an effort is what really matters. So here are –

30 things that you can add to your bucket list for 2017 !

(Feel free to print this list and add check marks to the boxes as you go!)

1. Do something adventurous.  ☐

2. Learn a new skill. ☐

3. Make new friends. ☐

4. Adopt a cat/dog. ☐

5. Find peace in solitude. Go on a solo trip somewhere. ☐

6. Paint on a canvas. ☐

7. Save up for a vacation abroad. ☐

8. Perform on a stage. ☐

9. Travel within your own country. ☐

10. Attend a comedy show. ☐

11. Walk or drive a long distance all by yourself. ☐

12. Make a funny video. ☐

13. Cook or bake something for your family. ☐

14. Host a house party. ☐

15. Get into photography. ☐

16. Redecorate your home. ☐

17. Join a dance class. ☐

18. Give an audition. ☐

19. Buy something expensive with your own money. ☐

20. Go camping. ☐

21. Do something special for someone you love. ☐

22. Start a blog. ☐

23. Visit an unexplored part of your town. ☐

24. Be the model in a photo shoot. ☐

25. Write a book. ☐

26. Donate to charity. ☐

27. Sing karaoke. ☐

28. Start a YouTube channel. ☐

29. Get fit. ☐

30. Start a business. ☐

Bottom line

There’s so much we can do in our lives, but most of the time we lack the drive to do it. Let 2017 be the year you find your mojo and do everything that you’ve always wanted to do. Life’s too short, go ahead and just do it!

2017 bucket list
hat are some more things you can add to this list? What’s on YOUR bucket list? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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