What Is Social Media According To You?

There are high chances of you visiting to this blog via a social networking site, be it Twitter, Facebook, or Google+. We’re all social media savvy and love waking up to new notifications every day. Our day is never complete without a tweet or a FB status [And now, Google+ updates added to it]. Social media has, undoubtedly made a lasting impact on our lives. We find new friends, we find business clients, and sometimes we also find our future soulmates on social media. Cannot imagine a life with #SocialMedia, can we? But not everyone, understands what exactly social media is all about. Some say it’s just “chatting with strangers”, some say, “it is just wasting time on the internet”. So, the question is, what is social media? Is it useless? Not really. Wikipedia defines it as, “The term Social Media refers to the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into an interactive dialogue.” Answers.com says “The online forms of communicating that any individual can employ, which include blogs, microblogs such as Twitter and social networking sites such as Facebook. Contrast with “industrial media,” which refer to professionally produced radio, TV and film.

What is social media according to YOU? What is its importance in your life? I asked these questions to various ‘SoMe’ enthusiasts juggling multiple networks at a time. Here are their amazing thoughts:

Some definitions of social media:

@adamsconsulting: To me, social media is all about connecting with friends, inspiring each other, sharing information and having lots and lots of fun! 🙂

@gupshupblog: “Social Media” (Twitter) is my 2nd house & family to have fun. My Twitter family helps me in learning all imp aspects of life & blogging 🙂

@TheTop10Blog : Social media to me is a window onto an amazing world of friendship, knowledge, entertainment and inspiration from all corners of the globe.

@NiniBaseema : Social Media is a bit like a virtual café where people randomly come together & spend time. Some become friends, others stay strangers.

@arkarthick : Social Media is a cluster of communication channeled through diverse online networks that forms & fortifies rapports between us, its users.

@Tweetsmarter : Social Media creates a place where one person can help another person anywhere in the world, either directly, or by setting a good example.

@Cheth : It’s a human powered network of common people fueled with passion. The Gasoline of the Internet where bunch of individuals make a difference.

@Sheconsulting  : Twitter, the civilized manner by which it defies boundaries using eloquent order, like stars mapping the universe. A visible & organic way people connect to one another & world; dots connecting dots to a singular grand image; a greater soul.

@2cre8 : Business: A social platform that can be utilized in a multi-touchpoint marketing campaign. Personal: A way to connect and support others. ♥

@ruhanirabin : The most important discovery in life are People. Social Media is about reaching those People and the Business they are involved with. It is the multitude of reaching the world – either in business or personally.

@Shilpiiz :  “Social media is all about sharing information, interaction and social communication.”

Some great indepth insights on social media:

@Glitterglitzer : Social Media is a playground for adults seeking information, friendship and business opportunities. It has become more of a forest playground lately with so many different sites to keep track on. For me personally it opened doors to people and friends that without Social Media I would never have met.

@LUKIKA :When I hear the term “Social Media”, I think of John Kennedy’s quote: “Our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet.” , and social media is the common link that allows you to interact and share with people from all over the world. To learn about different customs, cultures and beliefs. To explore and discover places and things you may; otherwise, had never known about.

@SuuperG : In an ideal world, social media is about a vast sharing of ideas, images, music, dreams, recipes, laughs, cries, support, causes, trivialities, and profound changes for good.  It’s a platform where you can “put it out there” and you never know what wonderlicious connections or chains of events may result from your personal broadcasting or even your sharing of someone else’s post or content.
It’s a great medium for individuals, charities, professionals and businesses alike because it’s a very public forum to express a “voice” or a  philosophy and allow potential clients or even friends to get a better feel for brands, people or organizations they may be interested in.   Let’s of course never underestimate the power of utilizing social media as a “listening” tool as well.

@Ladyxtel :  Just like how a natural ecosystem thrives with sunlight, water, and only becomes healthier and better as new organisms flourish in this environment, Social Media as an ecosystem functions the same way. It thrives on conversations and connections. It flourishes as the extent and depth of content increases and as people participate more. There are little surprises along the way when a new platform surfaces and increases the propensity of more connections and conversations to be generated. Social Media is really all just about how people interact with each other online. It is a great medium as you get to share and generate content relevant to your interests. You also get to meet and build connections with people who are on the same wavelength as you are.

I’d like to thank everyone who gave their awesome input for this post 🙂 Dear Readers, don’t forget to add what YOU think social media is all about in the comments! 🙂

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  1. For me – especially Twitter – it’s the joys of discovering blogs like this that I wouldn’t have done so otherwise, and being able to do the same in return for other users with my own work 🙂

  2. Brilliant blog Nicky as usual… Social Media is a way to share your feelings with friends from around the world…. excellent use of technology…. feels so great connect with friends and share our heart with others. well done!!!

  3. Thank you, so much, for including me in your post Nicky. A great question and so many great answers. Your friend, Judy :o)

  4. Thanks so much for including me in this wonderful post of what social media means! I’m constantly astounded by the amazing people we discover through social media such as you Nicky! ~Kathy

  5. Beautiful Post and great definitions Nicky!
    Thank you for asking me what Social media means to me :P, here is my answer: Social media is where you meet people you never thought of meeting, and where opportunities don’t stop knocking at your door!

  6. To me Social media is simply about connecting with people in numbers that would otherwise be impossible. My aim is to share information and to inspire my friends or followers to think and to laugh ….. lol!!

  7. Thanks a lot Nicky for including me in your post. Social Media has been a bliss for us, creating an everlasting bond. (((Hugs)))

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