Google+ : The Next Big Social Network?

Ever since Google+ launched it’s limited field trial, according to Vic Gundotra, a senior vice president of Social for Google, the demand for it has been “insane”.

I can totally understand why. From what I’ve explored so far, it looks amazing. It has potential to be a Facebook killer and if Facebook doesn’t pull up their socks soon, Google+ can prove to be a serious competitor.

Let’s have a look at the different aspects of Google+ one by one:

Here are the things about Google+ that I like.

Firstly, The circles.

Great concept! Remember how we used to worry if someone from our office sees our status updates for our loved ones, or if someone you don’t know well sees your very personal updates? Fear no more because Google circles has it all sorted out! It’s just like you have your own social circles in real life – each of them are different, right? Similarly, you can create new circles on the basis of categories on G+. Example : Good friends, office colleagues, Twitter friends, Family or even My Idiotic Friends  😉 You can choose who gets to view your statuses. If it’s personal, select “family”, ”close friends” or if it’s work related select “office colleagues”. Simple and efficient!


If you and your friends in your circle are free, why not hangout with them? Face to face! It takes being social to the next level. It consists of multiple videos where you can video chat with your friends, and as google says, face-to-face-to-face! 🙂 Fun, fun, fun.


As Google+ puts it. “Sparks is for nerding out. Together.

Aw yeahhh.

This is a really cool feature. Come on, admit it, all of us are obsessed about SOMETHING. Photography? iPhones? Fashion? Food? Then sparks is the place for you. It can find great content for you, depending on your interest in over 40 languages. Cool stuff.


If you’re a blogger, this is a ‘plus’ for you! You can share your (or other bloggers’) posts on Google+ and get a “+1” for it from your friends, or you can +1 your friends posts too! It’s just like saying, “Hey everyone, this is cool, you should check this out!” Don’t forget to +1 this post too 😉


With Google+ mobile you can:

Share your thoughts and location.

Upload your pictures and videos instantly as you take them.

Stay updated.

Check-in to a place.

It also has Group messaging experience called +Huddle where you can send group chat messages to your friends in real time.

From what I see:  Google+ is a combination of Facebook (sharing) + Skype (video) + Foursquare (Check-ins/location sharing). What do you think?

What I don’t like.

The look of it. It’s just way too simple. White background with a little grey is boring. Looks like they haven’t paid much attention to the looks.

And of course, it’s very Facebookish. But it is Facebook with a twist!

Let’s see if everyone warms up to this new phenomenon and it doesn’t go down like Google wave and buzz.

What about you? Have you started exploring Google+? Like it? Hate it? Is it a hit or miss? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

Videos via Official Google Blog



  1. Hey great post about Google+. I understood much better with your summarised version and thanks for linking me to it. Had a good explore of it but of course I need friends and stuff to fully utilise it 🙂
    Other than that, great job!

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