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I’m  a 20 year old passionate blogger from India. Creatively and musically inclined, highly ambitious and crazy about cinema. Putting thoughts into words, one blog post at a time.

This blog isn’t just about social media but also about inspiration. Social media is made what it is by the people and people – need inspiration. This blog is just me writing about the things I love – Social media, inspiration and happiness.

I have also written guest articles for Tech18.com, TheCopyPasteBlog.com, TheTop10blog.com ,HarshAjmera.com, ArKarthick.com, Xcapedcat.com , 2morrowknight’s awesome blog and Modernlifeblogs.com.

My work is listed among the “Top 10 articles about twitter” as well as  listed in “Top Twitter People- Blast from the Past” on The Top10 Blog,

I am featured in the “Top 75 Badass women on Twitter” on BitRebels.com, Top 64 Indian bloggers on Tech18.com and also  10 Top Twitter Tip Blogs on blog.bufferapp.com

I am the youngest of the “Female Geeks” listed on the HuffingtonPost.com icon smile About Me You can read more about me in an interview on Projekbrunei.com icon biggrin About Me

Send me a tweet anytime! My twitter – @rocksstar10 icon smile About Me

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