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The 10 Types Of Facebook Friends


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facebook advertising The 10 Types Of Facebook FriendsAlmost everyone is on Facebook these days. My 11 year old niece’s Facebook account boasts of 200 friends in her list.

Even I don’t have that many.

When you have a lot of friends you’ll notice that each one of them has a different style of using Facebook. Everyone doesn’t use Facebook for the same thing – each one of us has a different reason for using it.

So, after looking through my friends list on Facebook, here are some of the types of FB friends I found.

1. The self obsessed status updater

This user likes to talk about three people – me, me and me. They update about how their Klout score is so high, about how their business is doing exceptionally well, about how they woke up early today, about how busy they are….you get the picture. I don’t think it is wrong to write about your achievements on facebook, absolutely not. But when you overdo it – it gets annoying. Even though Facebook  is a part of social ‘ME’dia, if you keep talking about yourself all the time, chances are – you’ll get unsubscribed or worse, unfriended.


2. The user who updates after every 5 minutes

This type of user likes to update their friends with every little detail of their life right from waking up to saying good night…every single day. If you want to update after every 5 minutes maybe you should use twitter, everybody does it over there.


3. The once in a blue moon status updater

This user likes to log into facebook after every two months (or more), and when they do, they reply to all photo tags, comments, pokes and then – disappear for another two months.


4. The poke-r

This user likes to poke others, virtually. And if they get poked back, they feel happy I guess?


5. The Facebook stalker…err fan

This user is your fan and likes to ‘like’ and comment on every single post and/or photos on your wall. Of course, liking and commenting is great! But too much of it will make you look stalker-ish.


6. The food picture updater

This user likes to upload photos of the awesome food they eat all over the globe. While they enjoy the food, sometimes, all we can do is like the pics. Envious much.


7. The middle school/high school classmate

We all have that one friend who used to be a middle school/high school nerd but they turned out to be extremely hot/rich after growing up. You might’ve had such FB friends write on your wall saying something like, “Hey, it’s great to see you after a long time, let’s catch up!” School reunion, anyone?


8. The FB gamer

Such users log into Facebook to play games (aka Farmville, Yoville, Restaurant City etc) and then they like to send you many game requests .


9. The couples

Such users like to express their love  by writing on each others’ walls. It’s cute, no doubt, but try calling each other next time, yeah?


10. The Check-in -er

This type of user likes to tell their friends about every single place they visit by ‘checking in’ on Facebook. If you keep checking in on every location you’re at, you might find some people actually following you in real life. #ScaryHuh?


These were some of the types of facebook friends I found on Facebook, do you have any more to add? What types of friends do you have on your FB? Which of these are you? icon razz The 10 Types Of Facebook Friends Share with us in the comments!


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Comments (25)

The Facebook DJ – Whose each and every post is a music video or related to music.
Lionel Faleiro recently posted..Rowan Atkinson Does A Mr. Bean At the Indian Grand Prix (Video)My Profile

Great addition! Thanks Lionel! btw which one of the above 10 points are you? :P

Great Post. :)

thanks Vikram! :) Appreciate your comment!

Nice observations, Nicky! One more type I would like to add is: Twitter porter (who auto updates his/her FB stream from Twitter feed.) I’ve all these kinds of people as my friends on FB. Well, I can’t see myself in any of these categories! Probably a mix here and there. I hope you can tell. :)
A.R.Karthick recently posted..How to Channelize Your Creative ProcessMy Profile

Awesome addition to the list! But sometimes updating the same thing on both Facebook and twitter all the time can get annoying right?
You don’t see yourself in any of the mentioned points because you do it right! You don’t overdo any of these, hence your Facebook status updates are balanced :)
Thanks for your comment sir!

That was total fun and more importantly true. I was virtually putting those types into these list. LOL
For the first time im readin ur blog n i must tell, it’s pretty good. Cheers!
Raj recently posted..Why I dont Want Kids Anytime soon..My Profile

Glad you liked the post. Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate your comment, Raj!

Such a kind and humorous way to help us see ourselves! Guilty of a few, I’m afraid…Thank You!

:D Happy to know that you enjoyed this post, June! Thank YOU for reading :)

hahaa, loved it. I definitely have 8 of those on my list. For me the most annoying ones are those girls ..”Getting Starbucks with Sally!” *2 minutes later* 50 pictures and 6 videos uploaded.

haha glad you enjoyed this list. Definitely, the one you mentioned can get very annoying!

Wow this one’s funny and I’ve got way too many friends doing these things especially “the self obsessed status updater” and its pretty annoying sometimes. I kinda don’t fit exactly in any on the list but I would like to think I am a little bit of the numbers 8 and 10 but I don’t do so much of gaming request. Amm I would like to add on the list the “qoute-r” – whose always posting qoutes from famous people, and “anti-boss” – whose post are always against somebody in a blind item way and if you dig deeper it was actually to their boss/es. Thanks and keep it up!

Hi Ed!
Glad you found this post interesting! Ahh yes, great addition to the list. Quoters are everywhere – music lyrics, famous quotes etc. Great observation there, Ed. And the anti-boss! haha maybe those people should join Google+ :)
Thanks for your great comment!

Great post. Good clasification. Congrats :)

thank you, glad you liked it~! :)

There are people who add everyone. Regardless of whether they know them or not. That is kind of dangerous I think
Personally i find the display of affection on facebook rather cute, it’s people telling each other they want to hump is what I don’t find cute but hey! to each his own!
Humaira recently posted..My two cents worth on gaining a readership in the blogosphereMy Profile

Thanks for your comment Humaira~

Dear Nicky ~ I wonder if you did a survey or tabulation of random selection of FaceBook members whether the way they fall into these groups of activity is related to their age and/or career. I’m sure a lot has to do with the reason they have a FaceBook page in the first place. Blessings, Debby

Hi Debby,
Oh that is true – age and career have a lot to do with it! I haven’t done any survey as such, this post was just based on my observation :) Thanks for your comment~

Wow! That was strange. How is the link to my blog selected to post below my comment?
Debby Bruck recently posted..Homeopathy and Meditation on New Born Babies Vernix caseosaMy Profile

Yeah I saw that, it was weird, not sure how that link showed up! I removed the link from your previous comment! :)

How about the “bible belters” who never post anything but Bible verses?

Or those who post cryptic messages that are designed to provoke responses, leave you hanging, make you think they are going to do something crazy or are related to something that happened that only he or she knows about.

Great additions! Thanks for your input Carmen!

and then there’s the weirdos who add you and then ask whether they know us

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