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5 Reasons Why Tumblr Is Awesome


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tumblr t copy 5 Reasons Why Tumblr Is AwesomeNow, now, did I hear you say something? Not another social networking site, you say? That’s what I said too, when I was initially not too sure about joining tumblr. We already have a lot of social networking sites that take up most of our time. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare and more. But ever since I joined Tumblr, it has been the most fun social networking + microblogging site I’ve ever used.

So basically, tumblr is a micro blogging platform in which you can post your original photos, text, audio posts, videos, links, quotes, or you can ‘reblog’ or ‘Like’ others’ content too. Moreover, in June of 2011, Tumblr surpassed WordPress in total number of blogs breaking through the 20 million mark. So what makes it different from the others?

1. Tumblr is FUN. Firstly, tumblr is the place where you’ll find the funniest photos, GIF images, videos, and audio posts, memes, and trust me when I say this, you’ll be literally rolling on the floor laughing. After all, life is too short to be serious all the time, right? We all need a good laugh and for that, tumblr is the place to be. Once you ‘get’ it, you’ll find yourself getting addicted to it soon! Tumblr cannot be a replacement for the all-important Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and others, but it sure can be a sweet dessert after the main course icon smile 5 Reasons Why Tumblr Is Awesome

2. Similar interests. On Tumblr, you’ll find users who are obsessed about a particular thing, just like you! So if you’re into Fashion, follow Fashion Tumblogs, if you’re a hardcore fan of a celebrity, follow fan tumblogs and so on. From what I’ve noticed, Tumblr is mostly dominated by teenagers but a large number of users (from statistics, more than half of the users) are people in the age group of 13 to 34. Tumblr is a great way to keep yourself updated with what’s the latest in the world of the interwebs.

tumbling 5 Reasons Why Tumblr Is Awesome

3. Tumblr is simple. Tumblr is very easy to use. Just sign up, choose your username, choose your blog template and you’re done. Find and follow people with similar interest and blog (or reblog) away! When people reblog you, someone else will reblog them too and hence there are high chances of your content going viral on tumblr. You can even have your custom domain on tumblr and pay to get premium themes just like you would do for your WordPress or Blogspot blog. Tumblr is perfect for those who want to blog but don’t want to write extensive and long articles. And what more, tumblr can be an excellent photoblog!

4. Brands on Tumblr.  Tumblr is not only fun but informative too.  Many of the top brands have taken to tumblr to grow their audience. Mashable The HuffingTonPost , The Economist  are all using tumblr fabulously well!

5. You can speak your mind on tumblr. This is the best thing about Tumblr that I love. We know that every tweet, every Facebook update of ours is being watched and we have restrictions on what we can post and say. On tumblr, there’s no such thing. You can vent, rant, and totally speak your mind on tumblr freely.

So I believe Tumblr is a great way to relax and unwind. A good laugh, a deep and inspiring quote, a great perfectly timed photograph can make your day! What do you think? Are you on tumblr? What’s your experience of using it? Let me know in the comments icon smile 5 Reasons Why Tumblr Is Awesome

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I agree to all these points Nicky. I love Tumblr. I was introduced to Tumblr by Nini Baseema, when I started with my self-portrait project. I’d say it’s one of the best photoblog! :) Cheers!

Awesome~ Thanks for your great comment fellow tumblr enthusiast! :)

I agree, I love Tumblr! I’ll add the sense of community to that list. You’ll always find a bunch of strangers ready to help you and to cheer you up, to make you laugh. I made really good friends on there!

Awesome addition :D I agree, people on tumblr are really friendly and always cheer you up! Thanks for your fantastic comment :)

Nice article. Agree with 4 of the the points, except the last one I think we can speak our mind on Twitter as well, so Tumblr is not that unique in this regard

well done

Hi Abhinav, thanks for stopping by. I wrote that last point because I felt that we need to check what we tweet because every single tweet is getting saved in the Library of Congress + people have companies constantly watching their employees’ tweets. In such cases people cannot really speak their mind completely, according to me. I do see your point of view though! Thanks for your comment!

Nice Explanation.. Got your point.. :)
Tanmay recently posted..CEO of Russian social network VKontakte offered job to SnowdenMy Profile

mindblowing post Nicky as usual… great I also love Tumblr but am still confused to use it or not (; … wowww is that it thanks for the info… my tweets on Tumblr will not be monitored (relief!!!) … keep writing…. loving your posts… selection of topic is awesome… very informative…

As usual, thanks for your comment! :) #YOUROCK

I have to disagree, with nearly every point, Firstly, what 98% of people do on tumblr is steal memes and gifs from places like Reddit and 4chan.
Secondly you can easily find people with similar interests on nearly every social media.
Thirdly, other social media like Reddit are even simpler, and 4chan is so simple that you don’t even need a account.
And finally you can speak your mind on every social media, but you will always be judged, and I believe this to be a good thing, so then everyone can be remotely sane.

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