Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!

3 150x150 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!These are the tweeps who totally ‘get’ twitter according to me. Of course, there are tons of great tweeps out there and this list consists of  just 60 of them~ These are the tweeps I have interacted with on twitter and I feel that they really rock it. ALL of them share great content! All the people here are listed in no particular order. So here we go –



The ladies first~ icon smile Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!

1. dianaadams1 150x150 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!@Adamsconsulting: A fabulous writer and a wonderful human being too. She is always spreading sunshine in my timeline with her smiles!

Sharonhayes1 150x150 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!2. @SharonHayes: A great person who is an entrepreneur and she is awesome in all things social media. I have a lot to learn from her. She has great taste in music as well!


Smilelotus 150x150 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!3. @Smilelotus: A wonderful sharer of good content. Her timeline consists of some superb stuff including links and quotes!



esta 150x150 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!4. @Sheconsulting: Always happy and smiling, she will make you smile too. A wonderful human being indeed!



DSC05102 face dark strokes 640 x 640 150x150 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!5. @Mochiface: I am closer to her than anyone else on twitter. She tweets her mind and interacts brilliantly.



LUKIKA 150x150 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!6. @LUKIKA: Her timeline buzzes with fantastic content. Also known as ‘YourRocksomeness’, she loves twitter and we love her!



ley 150x150 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!7. @Leymariecel: A warm person with a big heart. She is a fab twitter friend and a wonderful lady!



miri 150x150 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!8. @Glitterglitzer: No one I know has a sense of humor like Miri! She blogs, she tweets and she rocks!



cindy 150x150 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!9. @Cindyvriend: Her stream consists of amazing photos and happy tweets! She is a very positive person and a smiler!



mil 150x150 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!10. @rM1L :  Twitter’s multi-talented girl – she writes poems, she blogs, she takes photographs, she does sketching and she tweets funny as well as wise tweets!



dian 150x150 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!11. @JustDiii : A great person and a fabulous friend. She will make you feel warm with her tweets!



misty1 150x150 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!12 @Mistygirlph : Another great writer – I have lots to learn from her. Her tweets are always amazing and interesting to read!



lucy1 150x150 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!13. @Onlinefantastic: She is an extremely sweet and friendly person who writes awesome articles!



shilpiiz 150x150 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!14. @Shilpiiz: A super nice person to tweet and interact with. She shares great links and quotes too!



ellie Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter! 15. @Ellies58: She is such an amazing person – always sharing, caring and motivating! It’s fun to have her around in my timeline.



Ann 150x150 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!16. @AnnTran_:  Also known as ‘YourAwesomeness’ – she is actually beyond awesome. She tweets and blogs fantastic stuff consistently and is a very positive person! One of twitter’s most admired and influential tweeters.



jackie Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!17. @JackiesBuzz: Jackie is a passionate social media director who also puts in a lot of effort for animal care.



debra 150x150 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!18. @MomsofAmerica: Debra, who describes herself as a technology addict always has something good to share!



aimee Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!19. @Awakeningaimee: Aimee tweets inspirational quotes which inspire one and all!



buzz Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!20. @BuzzEdition: A social media enthusiast and  strategist, she creates social media campaigns to help build awareness. An excellent tweeter with GREAT content.



nini 150x150 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!21. @Ninibaseema: Her self portraits will leave you spell bound. She is uber creative, intelligent and a great tweeter.



lori Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!22. @LoriMcNeeArtist: A blogger, artist, social media enthusiast and more – that’s Lori McNee. One of Twitter’s Power houses, her stream is filled with articles, quotes and tips!



kathy Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!23. @2cre8: Another amazing tweeter. Her feed boasts of super helpful and interesting content, and that too very consistently!  Always retweet worthy!



gina 150x150 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!24. @SuuperG: She describes herself as a voracious tweeter and peace monger. She loves to travel, dance, blog and give #HighVelocityHuuuugs!



anita Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!25. @AnitaNelson: A great twitter feed again, she finds stuff from all over the web which makes her a wonderful tweeter. She is a very kind and fun person to tweet with!



amy 150x150 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!26. @BlondeTXGoddess A badass woman who tweets her mind and we love all her for that!



xan 150x150 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!27. @XanPearson: A social media strategist who loves travel, reading, food, and promoting optimism and charity. She is an awesome person!



krys 150x150 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!28. @KrystynChong: A wonderful combination of gaming and geekiness, she loves music, social media and gadgets too!



chi 150x150 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!29. @iam_chi: A person who will always be there for you when you feel down – that’s Chi. A sharer of marvelous tweets including photography, music and quotes!



terri 150x150 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!30. @Terrinakamura: A graphic designer by profession – Terri has one of the best tweets – about twitter, design, art, business, technology and all cool stuff!



Now, the guys~

pramit Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!31. @Pramitjnathan: One of India’s best tweeters and highly influential in the social media circles, Pramit sir is always kind and generous. I had the honor to meet him in early June and he is as awesome in real life as he is online!



blair 150x150 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!32. @Flipbooks: Blair provides great news, random information and inspiration 24/7! His feed consists of brilliant stuff! Every tweet is worth retweeting!



2morrow 150x150 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!33 . @2morrowknight: I had the honor of interviewing him on Interview with The 2morrowknight – A twitter star. A great human being and a marvelous tweeter and blogger!



tony Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!34. @TheTop10Blog: Tony Hastings has super tweets and also has a great blog consisting of people lists, interviews, guest articles and more!



paul 150x150 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!35. @Paul_Steele: Sir Paul who is often seen on mountain tops and enjoying the outdoors, likes to tweet about photography, humor and more~ He is one of the best travel bloggers out there!



aaronlee Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!36. @AskAaronLee: Malaysia’s number 1 blogger and tweeter Aaron Lee has gained a huge following because of his great tweets and helpful nature. Always kind, I got to learn a lot from him about twitter!



arkathick 150x150 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!37. @ARkarthick: If you look at his profile, you’ll see amazing tweets. He describes himself as a creative, humorous and positive thinker, he blogs great tips as well!



LXLEE 150x150 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!38.  @LXLEE: One of twitter’s best motivational tweeters, he is a social media optimist and a daily source of inspiration to one and all.



ruhani 150x150 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!39. @RuhaniRabin:  Ruhani is a web tech enthusiast,  a social media researcher, and a total fun geek! He takes amazing photos and has a great sense of humor!




sunil Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!40. @Gupshupblog: One of the most helpful people I’ve met on twitter, he is a fantastic tech blogger and a great human being.



akram 150x150 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!41. @Mak_pk: He is a positive thinker and loves to share interesting info, news, and quotes!




iconic88 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!42. @Iconic88 : Twitter’s unofficial Chief happiness officer, he tweets great stuff! “Never be afraid to be amazing” is just one of his great original quotes.



lionel 150x150 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!43. @Sandmaxprime: A total music maniac, he shares stuff ranging from gaming, photography, social media, web design, animal rights, charity and all things technology!



rahul 150x150 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!44. @Bankerrahul: One of India’s best bloggers, he is a student and has fab tweets as well!




kevin 150x150 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!45. @MySODotCom : An author, speaker and traveler, Kevin is huge on twitter and loves to interact with his followers. He totally rocks the #RockTheRetweet hashtag!




joshva 150x150 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!46. @Joshva : He tweets quotes and links and describes himself as a twitter freak. Another great twitter feed!




Suthisak profile pic 150x150 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!47. @suthisak: His stream consists of great inspirational tweets! He is a part time Bossa guitarist,weekend tennis player and a photographer!




harshajmera Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!48. @Harsh_Ajmera: A great blogger himself, he is enthusiastic about technology and quotes too!




cheth 150x150 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!49. @Cheth: A graphic and web designer, he is one of India’s best tweeters and connects with his followers too!




boris 150x150 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!50. @Brasonja: A review writer, info provider who likes to share about social media, typography, photography and so much more.




amit 150x150 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!51. @AmitV_tweets: A positive tweeter, Amit is a 15 year old boy who tweets about technology, music, health and has a blog too!




barryck 150x150 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!52. @BarryckR: Barryck is an LOL expert  and hug dealer! He is a Poet, writer, blogger and a tech enthusiast! He always makes his friends smile!




glen Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!53. @GlenGilmore: He is a wonderful tweeter interested in social media marketing, digital trends and tech.




earth 150x150 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!54. @EarthXplorer: A world traveler, photographer and a total social media lover – That’s JD Andrews.




mani Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!55. @ManiKarthik: He shares great, interesting and funny stuff, a must follow.




shakthi 150x150 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!56. @v_Shakthi: He loves to tweet and blog and he is a super nice person!




leo 150x150 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!57. @Leowid: Co founder of bufferapp, he shares great articles and writes great twitter tips too.




tweetsmarter 150x150 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!58. @Tweetsmarter: Tips and tools, the latest twitter news or tech support , Dave shares it all. He is always ready to help everyone out.




calvin lee 150x150 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!59. @Mayhemstudios : A social media addict, a Klout star, designer,  and a nice guy!




reg saddler 150x150 Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!60. @Zaibatsu: He loves social media, tech, business and news!




They might have 200 followers or 200,000 followers – but they all rock twitter in their own way! If you aren’t following them yet, hit the follow button, say hi to them and enjoy the great stuff they have to offer!


    1. Any list about awesome social media users will be incomplete without you Sharon :) You are a great source of inspiration to me! :) Thanks a lot for your comment :)

  1. Nicky, wow, thank you so much for including me in this list of amazing tweeps. Of course I think there should really be sixty-one—including…YOURSELF!

    You totally rock the Twittersphere and I’m glad our orbits have crossed paths here!

    (((HUGS)))) and thanks a bunch!

    Terri Nakamura recently posted..Hug Your Kid and Say a PrayerMy Profile

    1. Great that you’re following everybody – that means your twitter timeline must be filled with awesome tweets! My pleasure to include you here – you know you rock~

  2. WOW such a nice post dear rocking sis. Nice to see all of them you put together in one place. Agree with you sis all of them rock the twitter world. Thnx so much for including me in this famous people list. Blessed to have such kind & supportive sis.

    You Rock the world. Keep Rocking & Smiling :-)


  3. Awww I love you sis :) Thanks a lot for including me with such amazing twitter stars. You just made my day. *hugs and kisses* You Rock!!!

  4. Hey Nicky! Ohhh how I love to awake to posts like this. Thank you soo much for mentioning me and for the kind words on my creativity etc too! YOU truely rock!
    (Also, if you permit me saying so: This is an extremely fine list of people you have gathered there, I am flattered to have so much good company in here!)

    Big hugs to you and everyone who’s on the list. It’s YOU who makes twitter so great!

  5. Thank You Hunny! I feel truly honored to be included in this list at all! But even more so with the #TwitterGiants that are there! Keep up the good work on Your Blog Nicky! #YouRock! *Hugs* xx
    @ellies58 recently posted..FaithMy Profile

  6. Wow! Thank you Nicky, that’s my favorite bookmark in the history of collecting them :)
    I’m honored to be a member and absolutely agree with your choice :)

  7. Just woke up and read your DM and this post.. What a feeling, I should ask people to write about me more often LMAO.. Ego!!!
    Now but for real What a Honor to be featured with these great tweeps in this great Blog written by Nicky the rockstar!!

    There is a long way for me to achieve half of what they achieved. And believe me I am working on it. :P

    Thank you awesome Nicky for being here, I wish you the very best of what you can dream of..

    BarryckR recently posted..Power up your Twitter account with Buffer &amp Tweriod by @LeoWidMy Profile

    1. haha you deserve it so much! You are one of the few people who is always so friendly and warm~ Wishing you great success in everything you do! #StayCool

  8. To say that I am truly honored to be mentioned by and with such amazing talent would be an understatement. You and so many like you are the reason I love twitter so much. Thank you, Nicky. You not only rock twitter, you rock the world. BTW all…Miss Nicky also has a twitter nickname ‘PrincessRockStar’ :o)

    1. YourRocksomeness!!! Glad you liked the post – and it wouldn’t be complete without your RockSome presence!! Keep being the shining light in my stream~

  9. Thank you soooo much, gurl! I am so honored to be included and be listed with such great tweeps. You’re such an amazing friend and I’ll always be here for you. Luv ya! ;)

  10. Thank you soo much Nicky for such a wonderful post… yes every single person you mentioned is special… for some people words aren’t enough to describe their importance and you are one for me… thank you friend (((: have a wonderful day ahead

  11. Awwww! You are the sweetest! Thank you so very much for including me!! It is very much appreciated and definitely made my week – because it is a wonderful feeling to have Twitter friend like you!! (((hugs)) You are a great writer yourself – keep it up! Hope you’ll make it to a tweetup with me one day!! ;-)

    1. Lucie, you’re one of the sweetest and kindest people I know! Stay as wonderful as you are! Keep smiling :D Can’t wait to meet you IRL one day ;D ~hugs~

  12. Thank you Nicky for including me on this amazing list. I love your tweets and blog! Keep up the excellent work.

    You forgot to include @rocksstar10 on this wonderful list ツ


  13. WOW !! Thanx a lot Nicky for ur kindness.Feeling Special to be a part of this lovely list of Awesome tweeps…Thanx for always being there.You are truly a Rockstar :) xoxo

  14. Nicky,
    I am honored to be included on such an amazing list of tweeters. This is definitely some of Twitter’s finest. Only thing missing is you #61 :)


  15. Nicky,

    You are an up and coming ROCKSTAR my young friend. Your new blog is off to a wonderful start…I see so many wonderful friends from Twitter here. I am so honoured that you have included me with this elite group :-) huggles my young friend

  16. Nicky!!!!!

    I love you soooo much and your new blog is gorgeous!! Thank you for mentioning me. You almost made me cry! LOL You are such an inspiration to me. I’m always here for you, anytime you need me. This is such a great post, as always. Dang girl… you are so freaking talented!



  17. Aww Nicky =) I love this post! Great list for sure :D You’re very sweet to say that about me and seeing the good in your friends the way you do. I feel very honored to have met and known you! *clink* to your new blog, following your heart, our friendship and many, many more years ♥ ~ EL

  18. Nicky, I love your list! Not simply because you have been so kind as to include me, but because you have included quite a few folks I consider to be true friends and mentors.

    I am grateful at your kindness in including me in your list and impressed by your uncanny ability to have included so many others I hold in high regard.

    Congrats to the others who have been listed and thank you again!

  19. I love this list and find many of my favorite tweeps on it. However, just as important, I love how you got all the avatars to be the same size. I am so jealous of how you did that. I want to know your secret. Hopefully, it is something easy to do. My last list of “follow friday” friends done in this style was so ugly because the pictures I got from twitter were of varying sizes after I put them in my blog. I almost didn’t post it as a result.

    1. Hi again, Chris!
      Oh don’t get me started on the avatars! All of them were different sizes, I resized it according to thumbnails (did it 60 times). Very tiring!! It is some effort but finally it does look good, so you’ll know that your efforts paid off :)
      Thanks for stopping by Chris, really appreciate it!

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