20 Fulfilling Things To Do Before You Die

I have always been fascinated by ‘Things To Do Before You Die’ articles. I felt like they put unnecessary pressure on me to do completely crazy things. I mean, a human can only do so much in their life, right? For some, bungee jumping or sky-diving is the ultimate thrill, but not for me. Does that mean that if you didn’t do all of the things mentioned there, your life wasn’t good enough? That would be a resounding no.

Life is short but it’s enough if you know what to do and how to live it well. Death is inevitable and we’re all mortals. We have short-term, long-term goals and dreams in life and a not-so-perfect plan to make it happen. Sure, things do not go as planned sometimes, but what we can do is brush ourselves off and stand tall again.

So here are 20 things that I feel are achievable ‘things to do before you die’ list items for a fulfilling life, in no particular order.


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